Question 1:

How thick can I pour this product? If I'm doing a river 2" table or floating shelves can I pour all at once? And if I'm doing 1/2' cutting boards can I use same product?


This must be poured in layers half inch to three quarter inch at a time. Yes, this would work for cutting boards.

Question 2:

I am looking to tint the epoxy and just wanted to verify that Mica colorants will work? 


Absolutely, this Epoxy Resin will work with colorants.

Question 3:

Is this Epoxy Resin a UV-Resistant? I have seen many projects, where the epoxy start to yellow with some time.

Answer 3:

We DO have specially formulated products with UV protectors mixed inside to help with discoloring from sunlight.  However, the yellowing process will eventually take effect if exposed to long-term continuous sunlight.  Generally, Epoxy Resin is not UV protected and is also sensitive to temperature.  When the epoxy resin is exposed to extreme temperatures, cracking can occur.